Black Swan Vending

Looking to add a high ROI amenity to your office or building?You've come to the right place!

Black Swan Vending is the preeminent vending service in New Jersey.Our team will work with you to provide the highest level of service possible to you and your customers.

The Smart Way to Vend

At Black Swan Vending, we're committed to providing you with state of the art vending technology and the highest level of customer service.We provide a full end-to-end solution for your vending needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Free Machine

Our team will provide your business with a free machine! We will use our proven process to find the best placement for your machine.


We provide the highest level of service. From our credit-card enabled machine to our inventory tracking software, you will never have to worry about servicing or refilling the machine. We remotely track and plan restocks on an as needed basis.


When is the last time you got something from a vending machine and it had a scratch off lottery ticket on the back? Thought so! Black Swan Vending makes vending fun and exciting with fun surprises!

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